Sunday, September 13, 2020

Dog Paws Vs Hot Asphalt

Dog Paws and Hot Asphalt

Not only do dogs enjoy walks, it’s good for them.  In many sports, dogs are put through amazing exercise programs that keep them fit and lean, in top performance for their chosen sports.  Their bodies are conditioned into finely tuned machines, capable of performing the most amazing tasks, all without regular walks. However, don’t underestimate the power of a walk to help condition a dog’s feet.  Walking your dog, not running or carrying any weight over a variety of surfaces on a regular basis, will condition the paws. Dog paws are designed to travel. If you ensure that your dog’s route includes a variety of surfaces, his feet will naturally become conditioned to handle them. This helps toughen them up for the more extreme demands of your chosen sport.
Paw Wax
paw care for athletic dogs
“Wax on. Wax off.”  It’s a proven strategy – just ask Mr. Miyagi! Pick up a jar of a paw wax, which are sold under a variety of names. All of these paw waxes work to condition your dog’s feet and prevent cracks.  Most people are familiar with the benefits of paw wax in the winter time, as it helps keep hair balls from forming between a dog’s toes. But applying wax, similar to how humans use hand cream, will help keep feet supple and resistant to cracking and damage. A well-waxed paw is able to move and adapt to runs on different surfaces without splitting and cracking. I compare a dog’s paw pad to a pair of leather shoes. If the leather is dried out and in poor condition, it will crack under stress. But if you polish the shoes and keep them in good shape, they are much better suited to the rigors of daily wear and tear. When choosing a paw wax, avoid using any product with alcohol, which will dry out the feet, instead of leaving them supple.
Inspect your dog’s feet regularly. By regularly, I mean make it part of your training routine. Check your dog’s paws after every activity. This gives you a healthy paw baseline, and you can be on top of any potential problems before they become larger injuries.
Remember – a dog’s paw pads are not indestructible. Follow my simple steps of walks and wax and you and your dog will spend more time playing, and less time worrying about blown pad pads and injuries. See a vet if you have even the slightest concern about the health of your dog’s paws.

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Conditioning your dogs paws with paw butter will keep them from cracking and add moisture to the pads and also aid in healing damaged pads.
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