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The $5000.00 Cheesecake Receipe

The $5000.00 Cheesecake Receipe

   I had the honor of working with some Italian American famous restaurant owners several times in my career. I use the word Italian very strongly (get the drift?). They went away on a trip to New York and while there and extremely intoxicated paid 5k for this recipe as they liked it so much and i guess had a pocket of cash. They brought it back to me and told me its one of the best cheesecakes they have eaten and for me not to screw it up. Over the years I have produced 10s of thousands of these cheesecakes as working in hotel casinos as an executive chef  we produced 300-1000 a week. the moral of this story is I guess over the years it was worth $5000.00 so don't you screw it up. (please use a strong Italian accent when you say that).     Really this recipe is a nice clean cheesecake that without much trouble can be altered into 100 types and that's what makes it so valuable. 

10lbs Cream Cheese
3lbs sugar  
24 Whole Eggs 
6 yolks 
1 oz vanilla (or more)
Juice of 3 lemons (again up to you) 
1 tsp salt 

Some butter and graham crumbs for the pans,this recipe yield s 4-5 9" cakes depending on the heighth. 

 Melt the butter and swish around in the pans coating all. next dump in some crumbs and swish them around coating the sides and bottoms and dump out the excess. Around the 100th cake you'll be good at this. 

After letting the cream cheese soften for an hour cream it with the sugar and blend well. 
next add the eggs a few at a time until all are incorporated.

Add the salt then the vanilla and lemon juice. Note**  You can add more of less of these per your taste. As what the batter tastes like is what you'll get. 

     I run the mix through a china cap (strainer) to remove any lumps.

 fill your pans and water bath bake them at 300 degrees until firm. Cool fully before removing from the pans . You can freeze cut and portion these so you can have them fresh. 

   Here's what makes this recipe special; remove the lemon and vanilla and add a liquor and 1-2 cups of chocolate ganache for a chocolate cheesecake, I've made chocolate kahlua, chocolate amaretto etc etc.
    Swirl in some preserves , blueberry, strawberry ...whatever . You could start a cheescake business with just this recipe and variations.   


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