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For Canine Paws and Human Paws

For Canine Paws and Human Paws

 Yep!..... Sara's Paw Butter / Wax is not only good for your pet but works great on humans also. We live in the Cascades of the Pacific Northwest where the environment can get pretty harsh, (freezing winds, snow etc.). the weather doesn't stop us from what we like to do, like Hiking, Snow Shoeing, and Scenic Photography and doing the necessary things like harvesting and chopping firewood. Our skin as well as Sara's paws can become dry and cracked. I now use the Paw Wax on my hands and it works great. 
              For Sara it offers all-season protection from salt, chemicals, sand and helps with sand burn and hot pavement although you need to use some common sense.
               One paw wax company says " the only alternative to boots". Well you still should consider boots depending on the length of exposure. In freezing cold frostbite is still and issue and in extremely hot temperatures on cement or rock canine paws may burn.  Use Common Sense. 
                In the summer we hunt for fossils and rocks that we use for jewelry and home decor items on our web-site   
The environments in these places (deserts mostly) where temperatures soar and aided by winds can make the ground and sandstone pretty unconformable so we use the paw wax to add a breathable layer of protection between Sara's paws and the hot surface. When rubbed into the paws a protective shield is formed still allowing for perspiration to occur though the toes. An again its good on our dry cracked hands. 

All-season paw protection for your dog and you Made from 100% Natural Products, Wont stain carpets and furniture and non toxic. You can use Sara's Paw Butter and feel 100% safe for you and your pet.

                                     For Their Paws and Yours!
     Try some today, there's a sale going on 2 56gram tins for just $14.00



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