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It Sits on the Upper Shelf

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It Sits on the Upper Shelf

You know...Grandmas old Silverware that you now have. Pieces missing that you can remember losing in the sandbox and being afraid to confess. Tarnished and mostly forgotten you wonder why do I still have these? Do I pass them on to my daughter or sons so that they continue to sit in their closets. Well.. Debra had an idea, and this is what she did.
        Since she hand-makes jewelry already, she made our daughter Jennifer a fairy bell from her grandmothers silverware and gave it to her as a wearable heirloom. Debra incorporated a few pieces of the silverware into the necklace, gave it her own twist with Nepal Beads and finished the chain with handmade links. She then researched the pattern for more background information.

           We have given it a name "Heritage Jewelry" and she now custom makes Fairy Bell Necklaces for customers to give to their family members, IE daughter, daughter in laws, granddaughters, sisters, etc. Give it some thought. Its a nice way to pass down heritage with a gift that will last the test of time as the Silver ware on the upper shelf has. Contact us today for the procedure and a quote. 


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