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Protect Your Canines Paws

Protect Your Canines Paws

        Could also be called a paw wax. 
Scrape a little from the container and it will start to soften right away. rub onto to dogs paws, between toes etc. For best results excess hair between toes should be trimmed. Once applied the paw butter resets and acts as a durable protectant.

All Natural Ingredients
Bees Wax, Shea butter, Coconut Oil, Calendula Oil, and Lavender
Sold now in 56 gram containers 

Great protection for your dogs paws. Protect their paws from abrasive surfaces such as sand, salt and ice, pavement/asphalt or anything that can damage their sensitive pads.

Perfect for dog walking, bike rides with your dog, running on roads – basically any activity where your dogs paws come in contact with abrasive surfaces. With light use will last on paws 3 or 4 days although re-apply as needed. 

100% Natural wax-based salve derived from a blend of several food-grade waxes and oils. Safe and non-toxic to your dog and you. Helps heal wounds and keep paws healthy. Creates a semi-permeable shield that lets perspiration escape while absorbing into the paws to protect them.

Simply apply a light coating to your dogs foot pads and rub it in. Absorbs in minutes – when it’s absorbed into your hand, it’s absorbed into your dogs pads. Will not damage furniture or carpets when applied correctly. 
In severe weather rub between pads to help prevent snowballing. Trimming excess fur from between pads also helps. 

Apply as needed to keep your dog healthy and happy.


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