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Crystal Cluster

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Arkansas Crystal Cluster with felt pouch.

Clear Quartz Crystal Healing Properties: Clear Quartz encourages clarity of thought and purpose to one's heart and mind. It works on all levels of the energetic and physical bodies and resonates with all chakras. ... This makes Clear Quartz an excellent stone to use for healing, manifestation or prayer work.

Its metaphysical purposes are vast, from helping to expand consciousness to facilitating open communication and stimulating the chakras. For those needing clarity of mind, clear quartz healing properties will eliminate energy blockages and allow energy to flow smoothly throughout the body.

All crystals and stones will benefit from the power of the sun. Yellow is the color of the sun's energy, and all you need to do to cleanse and charge your crystals and stones is to leave them out in sunlight for several hours, maximum of seven hours.

Crystal healing therapy involves placing gemstones on the body to draw out negative energy. ... Scientifically speaking, there is no evidence that crystal healing can be used to cure diseases, because diseases have never been found to be the result of a so-called energy flow in the body.Jun 23, 2017

Steps for cleansing your crystals in the Full Moon:
  1. Wash them well. A simple rinse under the faucet will do here. ...
  2. Set your crystals out. The ideal time to put them out is just after sunset. ...
  3. Pull them in the next morning. ...
  4. Charge your crystals with intentions. ...
  5. Close the ritual.