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Plesiosaur Nothosaurus 8 Feet Long

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Plesiosaur Nothosaurus 100% Genuine 5% Restoration! VERY RARE..

The entire frame is almost 9 feet across!! This 8 foot aquatic reptile Nothosaur has been in storage for some 30 years. Nothosaurs both swam and walked on land and were earlier versions of Plesiosaurs which later evolved to be strictly sea going. This piece was just recently taken out of storage along with other fossils. This fossil originated from either Germany or France along a cliff-side shale deposit. It's 100% original with very minimal restoration. Probably less than 5%. The specimen is encased in a walnut frame and a foam bottom. The case was made to precision fit this fossil protecting it as well as adding beauty. Very rarely does a specimen come up for sale in this condition. Specimen is over 8 feet long by over 3 feet wide! Guaranteed 100% genuine.
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      This would make a great table by adding a glass top!!

We are brokers for this fossil and have no interest in selling illegal, unverified non-authentic fossils etc. Anything you buy thru us will be real, guaranteed.
We having been brokering large fossils since the 90's starting with the a museum in Russia for a complete Woolly Mammoth , later named "mambo" .